Friday, 23 January 2009

Morwenna - a start

Believe it or not, this is my third attempt at blogging. The first two went horribly wrong. All I can say is thank god I can touch type!

Have got underway with my series of small paintings dealing with issues relating to women. 'Contraception' is going quite well, I'm considering 'Periods, 'Domestic Abuse' is almost figured out, while ................ 'Devorse', what can I say - oh dear - some things were never meant to be.

'Women' as a subject has got to be more interesting than 'Men'. Being one myself, I can empathise, after all it's supposed to be what we're good at. We have the whole raging hormone thing going on from puberty and years of PMT then possibly PNT and finally there's menopause. Self image, another huge subject to beat yourself up about or, if you'd rather - domestic abuse, drugs, fertility, ageing - I will attempt to go there. Needless to say there will be a great deal of angst along the way while I wrestle with not wanting to appear too obvious or to offend in any way............

I really hope it works this time as my typing aint that good!

See you all tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

If anyone has photos relating to the group which could go up on the blog but not sure how to get them there , bring them along on Saturday ... Lally has offered to show us how ( I understand so it must be easy peasy ! ) Pennyx p.s. Also wondered if any of us want to set up a link across to the blog from our websites / facebooks etc ...... Lally could also explain how to do this

Monday, 19 January 2009

Images that relate to our group - To get the ball rolling!

StISA Gallery Spontaneous Combustion 2 PV
Sue Dove's exhibit
Robert Bradford's exhibit
Lisa Stewart's SP1 exhibit
I have embedded a slideshow (i think),(I failed) so have added a few photographs, could all group members start to upload images of their choice onto this post please? if you click on the photo image next to ABC above it is easy to browse and upload, a short heading to accompany image could also be added.

Subversives group members

Jo Forsyth
Linda Styles
Lisa Stewart
Catherine Milne
Morwenna Morrison
Sue Dove
Penny Macbeth
Una D'aragona
Ian Dunlop
Robert Bradford
Sara (Does anyone know Sara's other name)?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Jo's photo album

Jo Forsyth is up a mountain in Ireland but is returning to the USA on the 4th February for 3 months. Jo sent me this link to her photo journal which shows us what she has been doing with COB and the people that she has been working with.

The link is similar to Picassa web albums and looks like an effective tool, anyone can sign up!
I have emailed Jo with the details of the StISA show dates and deadline date for submission of artist information.

Monday, 12 January 2009

press release dates / next meeting for STISA show

Dear Submersives + Subversives-
Didn't want to rely entirely on underground communication , subliminal messaging or Chinese whispers for group business so on Linda's suggestion am taking the unprecedented step of writing a direct group email ( feels too good to be true ! )

Just to remind you all that our next meeting is at ' Owls House ' (Penny and Roberts )on Saturday 24th January at 12.30 ( veggie and non-veggie lunches provided ! ) . Looking forward to seeing everyone then . If anyone needs directions , please email me !

Also a reminder that there is an END OF JAN deadline for submission of one high resolution image to accompany the press release ( which Robert and I are drafting , but which will be ready for us all to read and okay on the 24th ) . If you could send me your image by email that would be great ( We agreed at the last meeting that these will not be used as the images for the exhibition catalogue as many of us will be planning to show new work which - speaking personally - we are probably still busy making ! However it does seem sensible to send an image cd with the press release so we maximize the chance of getting some press coverage for the show.

Catalogue images will not be needed until beginning of March .... We are hoping that we can afford to allow everyone either two images OR one image + a page of text but Lisa will hopefully know more about costs by the time we meet up .....

Finally , we agreed that we would all contribute £50 towards the budget for catalogues , publicity and the preview as this time we are self-funding ( except for the STISA contribution towards preview cards ). Lisa has agreed to be fund holder , so if you could give your contribution to her as soon as poss it would be really helpful . Ta!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on 24th , Pennyxx

Ian Dunlop's video/music/art link

Ian is back from the USA, this video/art-film is some of what he did whilst there and also back here in Cornwall.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Street Exhibition 'Submersive Figures' Aug 2008, New St Gallery, Penzance

Linda, Trader and friends, Morwenna (in white trousers) and Gilly

Penny's wall faces with resin bubbles and Lally
Clarissa and ?
? and Nigel
Robert's scrubber dog on washing up bowls
Morwenna and her painting

Linda's snorkel boy

Angela and Sue
Sara, Morwenna and Lisa
Sue and Penny

Penny's wall assemblage
Lisa's damel's

Linda's Angel of mercy

Robert and Penny
Robert's bubble machine