Wednesday, 18 February 2009

welcome to the world of artbysara...

just thought i'd introduce myself a bit...well...i do cartoons & live near land's end, it's a sea thing. my favourite past time is eating chocolate. i've been cartooning for a few years and print stuff on postcards and all manner of things...i'm working on a webcomic and as of late have gotten into the whole internet thing as it's nice to put your work out there for random people all over the planet to stumble upon. so i'm a bit of a myspace addict- so many brilliant artists out there i'd never otherwise know about. do visit my page at
also i've just started a blog at
and am building up some interesting links- lots of really good comics and street art sites. i like stencil art and murals that transform the endless grey walls of out towns and cities. we need more! and i like underground comics and magazines put together on low budgets that are labours of love.
anyway, bye for now! x

Monday, 2 February 2009

London calling. Morwenna's great escape

I'm off to the big smoke on saturday. If anyone has any suggestions on galleries I should visit or places I should go, then please don't hesitate to post. I know the Saatchi has a Middle East exhibition on and then there's Rothco. I plan to go to Viners Street...